Thursday, September 12, 2013

Piso Net - Talk 'N Text Promo!

Ever heard of the infamous Piso Net that circulates and nearly takes over the internet cafes in the Philippines? Well, even Talk 'N Text (under Smart Telecommunications) tries to reach their subscriber using the same tactic.

Introducing PisoNet!

A promo offered for Talk 'N Text subscribers! It looked like a test promo but still is worth the try especially to those who are indulged in the growing internet community. So what are the specified details of this promo? See our list below!

  • Available for Php. 1.00
  • 5 hours internet access
  • 2 days duration
  • 8.4 MB limit
  • One-Time-Use

Promo is available until December 31, 2013! To try this promo, just key in SAMPLE and send it to 4545.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Cheap Songs - A Gift from Smart Music

A few weeks earlier, Smart which is the leading wireless service provider in the Philippines has launched Smart Music in partnership with MCA Music. As the two big players in their own fields unite, this project has produced high hopes not only for the corporations itself but even for the OPM bands wherein part of the revenue will still be shared with the artists.

Most of us are guilty when it comes to piracy related topics specially when it comes to music, but as for our own experiences, the only reason you'd get a customer to buy the song is if they really support the band or just because of that Last Song Syndrome which forces them to do so.

As discussed from a previous post where MyMusicStore Philippines is in the spotlight comes a competitor (Smart Music). This time, Smart has made it a lot easier for subscribers to obtain that mind bugging songs you'd die for. Since Credit Cards are something that majority of the subscribers doesn't have, Smart made it possible to directly acquire the song by paying the bill through your regular load. Though the process is nearly the same with MyMusicStore, purchasing through the use of your mobile phone's load is a lot more convenient rather than looking for a Load Central retailer to buy a MyMusicStore Credit.

The free 5 songs upon registration is a good catch already but another good thing about this project is the cost for each song where new available songs has a price of Php. 20.00 and other songs will only cost Php. 15.00. A huge price difference with their competitor.

Smart Music will be available under the Smart Telecom Umbrella which includes Talk 'N Text and Sun Cellular subscribers.

So for a summary of this article, here is a detailed list why I would choose Smart Music

  • Price difference
  • Convinient way of payment
  • Free 5 Songs when you register
  • I'm under the Smart Umbrella =)
An existing Android App was also available for download at the Play Store though it seems just like a browser which directs you to the mobile view of the portal. (Not to mention a huge amount of negative feedback)

Though the project is still in its early stage, it seems very promising and has a lot of potential. I'm sure Smart will take immediate action with those feedback that they received from their subscribers.

For those under the Smart Telecom Umbrella, have you already tried this? Share your comments and ideas with us!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Setting Up a Wordpress Blog Using Softaculous

As a blogger, I dreamed of using Wordpress as my CMS (Content Management System) for blogging, but the main reason why I wasn't able to get a hold of myself to that technology is the cost. There are some free hosting sites where you could setup your blog but at the moment, I can't seem to find a very reliable free hosting service that would keep my desired blog alive at 99.9% uptime just like what they promise.

So what is Softaculous? As I see it, Softaculous is a web application that helps the user to automatically install software and database to a server.

This guide is done using CPanel where Softaculous is present and is hosted in a free hosting site where I set my desired subdomain as "snake14".

1. Click the Softaculous Icon in your CPanel and select Wordpress once the page loaded.

(Click to enlarge image)

2. Select "Install" which is listed among other selections.

(Click to enlarge image)

3. Set up your Wordpress Blog and fill all the necessary fields. (Since I'm using a free hosting site, only a subdomain is given to me) Then hit "Install".

  • InDirectory - Leave this blank if you wanted your blog to be in the main directory.
    • This is how your URL look like if you leave that field blank. (
    • This is how it would look like if you place something in the Directory. (
  • Admin Account - Make sure you remember this login credentials for you'll be using this to login your Wordpress blog.
(Click to enlarge image)

4. Wait for the installation to finish and you'll see a "Congratulatory Page"

(Click to enlarge image)

5. Visit your blog according to the URL you customized and start blogging!

(Click to enlarge image)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

BB Q10 on Sun Cellular Postpaid Plan 1499

Ever wanted to get your hands on the BlackBerry Q10? For Sun Cellular subscribers, you might have received the same message which invites you to get the much anticipated SmartPhone on the BlackBerry Community!

But for those who are on the other side, then this is news for you!

BlackBerry Q10 Plan 1499 comes with the following:

  • Unlimited Data
  • 300 Texts to ALL networks
  • 5 Minutes Sun Calls

Might as well view the message sent by SunCell...

Sun Cell Plan 1499

For those interested, just visit the nearest SunCellular Shop and apply for the plan!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Jing Experience - Review

Formerly known as the "Jing Project", Jing is an easy way to share and create not only images but video tutorials and was created by TechSmith. To give you a few background, Jing is a screencast computer program which enables you to choose if you would save your created file in your desktop or in the web. All it takes is a single click!

As soon as you're done capturing your desired shot, Jing will allow you to add text, arrows, and frames to easily pinpoint to your audience the climax in that shot. When you've decided to put it in the web, after a single click, it will automatically upload that image/video to (which is another product of TechSmith) and immediately saves the link in your clipboard for easy pasting of the generated link for sharing.

For those interested, when you register to Jing, you'll also be entitled with 2GB storage and 2GB monthly bandwidth in screencast. Being a non-video tutorial fan I just mainly use Jing as a way to capture screenshots and point out the thought/idea or the process in a certain image which makes 2GB a lot of space for future use. Besides that, you could also login to screencast and be able to delete any unwanted files you've uploaded or track which is which when it comes to bandwidth consumption.

Oh by the way.. Aside from the regular setup for you Desktop/Laptops, you'll also be needing a .NET 4.0 Framework (or higher)..

How about you? Have you tried Jing as your screencasting partner or a Snipping Tool alternative?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Instagram introduces Video Sharing Feature

Two years after the initial release, Instagram is now the most renowned photo-sharing and social networking service when it comes to that niche and yesterday (June 20, 2013), Instagram 4.0.0 is released!

With their new Video Sharing capability, users are now able to share their stories through a fifteen second video using Instagram Camera. In addition to that, Instagram also added thirteen filters specifically for those incoming short clips.

Though I can't imagine what would this new feature of Instagram could urge or keep the users from doing, this is definitely something worth a try specially that "world-class" image stabilization for decent clips even when walking!

To access that Video Sharing capability, just go to your Instagram App and you'll find a movie camera icon. Just hit it and you'll enter video mode. For those interested, get your smartphones and update your Instagram App now!

Instagram version 4.0 is now available in iOS' Apple's App Store and Google Play for Android users.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Facebook New Emoticons - Quick Access

Aside from the new status updates presented by Facebook recently, we probably knew that you also noticed the new emoticons that roam the news feeds of all of us saying you should copy this, or join this and you'll be able to use the following emoticons. Fortunately, someone made a script to help users who enjoy the said emoticons. You just have to download some add-ons and install the plugin to use the emoticons quickly.

To give you a glimpse of what we we're talking about. See this screenshot below.

The new Facebook Comment and Chat Emoticons 2013 is now available after a few modifications in your browser. The good thing about this is after you install the necessary requirements, you only need to click an icon and select from the list and it will automatically appear whether in your Status, Comments or Chat box. You're the one to choose!

Base on the Credits presented, it was made by "Rendi Okriza Putra" and you could download the script here.

There are different requriements when installing it on FireFox or in Chrome so we will have to dissect the steps. We'll start off with the leading Chrome.

How to Install the Script in Chrome

1. Install Tampermonkey
2. Install the script found in
3. After installing, restart Chrome
4. Login your Facebook Account
5. Click the "like" symbol found beside your name
6. Start posting, chatting or commenting and click an icon you desire.
7. Submit your content and see how it works!

How to Install the Script in FireFox

1. Install GreaseMonkey (Be sure that you're NOT using the latest FireFox browser.)
2. Install the script found in
3. After installing, restart Chrome
4. Login your Facebook Account
5. Click the "like" symbol found beside your name
6. Start posting, chatting or commenting and click an icon you desire.
7. Submit your content and see how it works!

NOTE: There's seems to be a bit of side-effect caused by installing the script. Random post will appear in your news feed and a repetitive request to subscribe to a page/person. Please consider before you install the script